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Founded by webcam specialists, Work Zone Cam provides a professional, reliable, and easy to use time-lapse camera solution for the construction industry. Our approach is simple - empower our customers with the best Do-it-Yourself construction camera and deliver a basic, no-frills service to keep the prices low. Work Zone Cam gives our customers the choice - you can FTP to your computer and pay no monthly fee or use our basic hosting service and we will do the heavy lifting for you. The Work Zone Cam team is committed to being the best no-frills service provider in the industry. We pride ourselves on delivering value in manufacturing a product loaded with more features and superior to that of the competitors. Backed by award winning technology that is licensed from EarthCam - the industry leader, Work Zone Cam systems are wireless, all-weather DSLR cameras that are ideal for documenting projects and producing 4K quality time-lapse movies. Contact Work Zone Cam today!

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All Work Zone Cam purchases are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Why Work Zone Cam

It's our unique approach of providing more for less...
We empower our customers with the best Do-it-Yourself Construction Camera and deliver a basic, no-frills service to keep the prices low.

Additional benefits:

  1. • You can purchase the camera separately and pay no monthly fee
  2. • Great value loaded with features not found on more expensive cameras
  3. • Dedicated solely to our customers involved in the construction industry
  4. • Superior Digital SLR technology delivers higher quality images
  5. • You can repurpose the camera for private use after using our managed service
  6. • We deliver a plug and play, wireless turn-key system
  7. • We provide cellular connectivity or you can use your data account
  8. • Works without internet service by recording directly to the onboard storage
  9. • Ideal for long or short-term construction projects
  10. • Backed by the best support team and technology in the industry
  11. • Create your own time-lapse movies or use our professional editing services
  12. • Solar-powered upgrades available
  13. • No service contracts
  14. • No gimmick warranty
  15. • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

The Work Zone Cam Approach

Our approach is simple - empower our customers with the best Do-it-Yourself construction camera and deliver a basic, no-frills service to keep the prices low. The choice is yours - Do-it-Yourself or use our economical hosting services. The hosting services we provide are clear and to the point. You only pay a low monthly fee for the days you actually use the camera to transmit images. We are driven by our commitment to satisfy customers by delivering outstanding support and value. With Work Zone Cam, there truly are no hidden fees or gimmicks. Avoid the effort, frustration, and disappointment usually associated with low quality webcam services. The affordable Work Zone Cam service brings you high quality technology and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Additional benefits include:

  1. • Easy online ordering from Amazon
  2. • Free custom designed public web page
  3. • Fast cellular service available nationwide
  4. • Lifetime warranty
  5. • Free shipping and handling of the camera system

Wireless Service Included

Work Zone Cam delivers the fastest 4G wireless cellular services available. With Work Zone Cam, you have more options due to our extensive coverage area. Our cellular service is included as part of one simple monthly package. There are no contracts and no additional fees.

Network Connection Ready

Work Zone Cam does not force you to be dependent on utilizing the included wireless service. You can use your own wireless data account or high-speed network connection. Every Work Zone Cam construction camera system is equipped with an Ethernet port (RJ-45 network jack) and we will configure your state of the art camera system to work with your existing cellular carrier or network connection.

Whether you choose wireless or hardwired, we have you covered.

Contact us today for a quick, hassle-free quote - 877-966-3101.

Archiving Services

Enjoy reliable, fast access to your construction site images anytime - online or on your mobile device.

At Work Zone Cam, we securely store your vital images on servers that we own and manage. We are completely responsible and aim to protect your important data. Your content is valuable - don't entrust it to services that rely on 3rd party rented servers in an unknown data center.

Work Zone Cam offers a hosted, managed solution that is monitored 24x7x365 with fully redundant, onsite storage of image content for maximum reliability and accuracy. Megapixel images are securely uploaded to our storage array and time-stamped for accuracy. Camera systems are monitored around the clock and automated quality control checks scan your data to ensure that your image content is being captured consistently and at the proper resolutions.

No Software - Pure & Simple

Work Zone Cam delivers your construction site images directly to your website. There is no client-side software to install and no systems for you to maintain on your site. Easily access and navigate your image content with the intuitive calendar controls included with your free web interface.


Work Zone Cam's web-based software makes it easy for you to instantly promote your project online and offers an excellent opportunity to impress potential customers. Viewing the project live encourages your clients and other visitors to return to your website repeatedly to observe the progress.

Choose from a variety of customizable designs with features that include live video burst, a digital pan, tilt, zoom controller, up-to-date project time-lapse movie, timeline navigation, weather conditions, interactive location map, and more.

The Work Zone Cam service delivers up-to-date high quality streaming time-lapse movies with optional time date overlay for instant time-lapse viewing, downloading and embedding.

Work Zone Cam provides you with virtually everything you need to link to your custom public/private page or embed the interface in your website.

Integration with Project Management Software

Work Zone Cam has teamed up with numerous third party solution providers, including Procore and Aconex to integrate our high-quality construction camera content. All of the necessary content to manage a jobsite is available in one central interface, making the lives of construction professionals easier.

-  Automate Back-Office Functions with Data-Rich Imagery

-  Incorporate high-quality imagery directly into daily workflow

-  Enhance Project Management through Visual Data

-  Embed live video in Projectmates' dashboard

-  Embed Work Zone Cam player in Procore dashboard and upload high definition photos to "Albums"

-  Deliver Live Visual Data from the Jobsite

-  Work Zone Cam for Salesforce

End of Project Software Deliverable

Every Work Zone Cam client receives a comprehensive End of Project software bundle once their job is complete. A Work Zone Cam exclusive feature, the software bundle enables you to access and view your project content within the same interactive software platform you used during the construction process. You will receive all archived images, automated high-resolution time-lapse movie and historical weather data throughout the duration of your project. Export images at full resolution and quickly find specific details.

Enterprise Server Solution

Discover the complete solution to privately host and manage megapixel cameras in your office or data center. Work Zone Cam's Enterprise Server was developed for clients that require a professional solution, but have no outside network connectivity or require private image storage for confidential content management.

The user-friendly Enterprise Server makes it is easy for you to host and manage your archived images locally. With the Enterprise Server, there are many customizable options available. You may select camera resolution, image capture frequency, and much more.

Your images are instantly available in an interactive interface for viewing and sharing with your colleagues. Selectable web page templates feature an archival calendar, weather data, and automated time-lapse videos.

Available for qualified businesses and government agencies.

Additional benefits:

  1. • Host, manage, control, and archive up to 8 cameras
  2. • Support all users with intelligent admin tools
  3. • Easily distribute and backup your library of archived images
  4. • Track your system's activity and be notified of any interruptions

Work Zone Cam Rentals

Work Zone Cam offers convenient monthly or annual rental packages for its professional construction webcams. Document and time-lapse your projects for the lowest available prices.

Suited for short-term construction projects, cost-effective rental rates make it simple to monitor and archive jobsite activity. Rental packages are perfect for retail development, renovations, private residential and rapid bridge replacement projects.

Enjoy all the benefits of this easy to use, reliable time-lapse camera with Work Zone Cam's flexible rental options.

Time-Lapse Movie Services

Your Work Zone Cam system produces an entertaining time-lapse movie on demand for you to instantly promote your project. Share a link to the time-lapse via email, instant message, or on social networking sites. Enhance your own site by embedding the time-lapse video for unlimited users to enjoy.

4K Professional Time-Lapse Editing

Time-Lapse movies are today's premiere approach for documenting and promoting construction projects. Rely on Work Zone Cam's team of experienced producers who utilize the latest technology to improve and enhance your video.

Turn thousands of images captured during the life cycle of your project into an 4K quality time-lapse movie for your lobby display, conference room, trade shows, or website. There is nothing more powerful than seeing years of hard work come to life in seconds.

Mobile Support

Work Zone Cam supports mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Android, and various tablets for you to view your camera anytime, anywhere.

Download the free Control Center 8 app today and access all of the features to control your cameras!

iPhone/iPad  Android mobile

Responsive Customer Service & Technical Support

Our team is made up of experienced industry experts. Online support and our knowledgeable technicians are also standing by to discuss your installation and technical questions.

Backed by the best support team and technology in the industry, Work Zone Cam is dedicated to successfully delivering a reliable camera for your project and guaranteeing your satisfaction.

In addition, Work Zone Cam offers extended office hours, including Saturdays, to provide enhanced customer service and emergency shipping services.

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