Work Zone Cam FAQ

1. What is Work Zone Cam?
  1. The Work Zone Cam is a powerful, reliable jobsite documentation camera designed for extended outdoor use and provides the perfect do-it-yourself solution to create amazing time-lapse movies with professional results.

2. How does the Work Zone Cam work?
    1. The Work Zone Cam system features a 24 megapixel digital DSLR camera and a dependable Linux computer system loaded with easy-to-use software. The all-weather camera automatically captures snapshots on a schedule that you set. A universal cellular modem is built into every Work Zone Cam to transmit (via FTP) live images from your jobsite over the internet to your computer.

    2. Work Zone Cam Pro features the ability to view in real time live video of your jobsite. This feature is called "Live Video Burst" and provides the ability to view live video for 30 seconds every 5 minutes. Increased viewing time is available as an upgrade.

    3. If you don't have access to the internet, you can record the high quality images directly to the onboard storage securely located within the camera's lockable enclosure. You can even record images in the highest quality “raw” resolution. The system uses the popular and reliable SD card format. It's easy to swap cards when one becomes full. A 16GB card is included with the camera and you can use up to a 64 GB card for extended archiving periods.

3. Do you offer monthly hosting services?
  1. Yes, if you don’t have a computer or simply want to outsource the service, you can take advantage of Work Zone Cam’s no-frills low cost hosting service. If you select our popular managed hosting services, the images are updated to our secure servers and Work Zone Cam delivers your construction site images directly to your website or mobile device. There is no client-side software to install and no computers for you to maintain. Easily access and navigate your image content with the intuitive calendar controls included with your free web interface. The Work Zone Cam service delivers up-to-date high quality streaming time-lapse movies that are available for viewing or download in real time by simply clicking a button on your interface.

4. Can I buy the camera without a monthly fee?
  1. Yes, to learn more, visit How does the camera work without the hosting service? The camera will FTP images to your local computer. The images can be viewed and managed through the computer's image directory.

5. How does the camera work without the hosting service?
  1. There are 4 ways you can use the camera without the Work Zone Cam services.

    1. You can activate the camera's integrated cellular modem using your own wireless data account. Note: Each camera has a universal modem built in and you must match the modem and service provider. Once activated, the camera will wirelessly FTP images back to your computer.

    2. You can connect to the camera locally through the built in RJ-45 ethernet port and hardwire the camera to your network using CAT5 cable. The camera software allows you to input local FTP information, in order to FTP images back to your computer.

    3. You can save images locally within the secure all-weather camera enclosure to a standard SD card. The conveniently positioned SD storage device makes it easy to swap SD cards when one becomes full.

    4. You can view, manage, control, and archive your images using our Enterprise Server. The Enterprise Server is an all in one archival image storage and public hosting server to privately host and manage camera images in your office or data center. An interactive interface enables users to share updates and time-lapse movies with team members.

6. Can I provide my own cellular account?
  1. Yes, you can provide your own account. The camera comes with everything you need to activate your data account. Simply provide the camera's ESN number to your cellular carrier and activate a wireless data plan to begin transmitting your images.

7. Is the camera capable of withstanding extreme weather?
  1. Yes, the Work Zone Cam is constructed from powerful, weather resistant materials and can operate under most hazardous conditions, including temperature extremes from below 0 to above 120 degrees F.

8. Will the camera work without power or internet on site?
  1. Yes, Work Zone Cam will deliver our professional megapixel camera complete with a 4G cellular modem and solar power kit.

    No cellular data? - No problem. You can record the images directly to the camera's onboard storage. The system uses the popular and reliable SD card format. It's easy to swap cards when one becomes full and you can use up to a 64GB card for extended archiving periods.

9. How many models are there?
  1. We keep it simple... Work Zone Cam offers one model - a 24 megapixel, powerful cellular camera to fit all your project needs. For customers in the United States and for International customers cellular capabilities utilizing SIM card is available. You may order optional upgrades, such as a solar/battery power kit.

10. Will the camera work worldwide?
  1. Yes, Work Zone Cam cameras will work most anywhere in the world.

11. How do you charge?
  1. Our pricing approach is simple and basic. You can buy the camera and do the hosting yourself or if you elect to use our low cost hosted service, you only pay for the days you use the service. Click here for the best pricing. Our all-inclusive service provides a web-based interface, time-lapse movies, and deep quantity discounts.

12. Who are your customers?
  1. Work Zone Cam serves clients across many industries, including General Contractors, Construction Managers, Design-Build Firms, Government Agencies, Retail Owners & Developers, Educational Institutions, Hospitals & Healthcare Providers, and Scientific Researchers.

13. How many people can access my webcam images?
  1. Our managed services include unlimited public or private access.

14. What are the minimum browser requirements?
  1. Desktop:

    1. Microsoft Edge

    2. Google Chrome

    3. Mozilla Firefox

    4. Opera

    5. Apple Safari

  2. iPhone, iPad, and Android:

    1. Apple Safari

    2. Google Chrome

15. Can I keep my webcam private?
  1. Yes, you can choose unlimited secure login and password-protected access.

16. What services are included in my purchase?
  1. If you elect to use our no frills managed services, we provide all your IT services and no additional software is necessary. This system includes an easy-to-use web-based interface, with access to all your jobsite images on a timeline navigation, including up-to-date time-lapse movies. If you buy the cameras separately, there is no additional software and you will need to supply the storage, hosting and web interface.

17. Who takes ownership of the images?
  1. All images are owned exclusively by you. All content is your sole property. Beware of providers that add a copyright notice overlay on your images and claim ownership of your content!

18. Where are the images hosted and stored?
  1. Here's the best part of the fully managed service - we do all the hosting and serving of the large megapixel images. The images are stored on our own secure servers with redundant backup at separate locations to ensure your images are never lost.

19. Do I need a computer on site?
  1. We provide everything you need. All Work Zone Cam systems are self contained and do not require a computer at the jobsite.

20. What do I need to supply?
  1. Our systems are shipped truly plug and play. You simply provide the best point of view of your construction project (Northern points of view are preferred) and supply power (120V AC or 240 AC) to the system, and it is up and running. Solar options are also available.

21. What kind of mounts do you offer?
  1. The Work Zone Cam comes with a universal wall mount arm and our exclusive double locking bracket. Plus, we offer a number of different mounting solutions to get the right one for your unique project.

22. Can I use other lenses?
  1. Yes, the Work Zone Cam uses high quality Canon DSLR camera technology and other Canon lenses can be swapped inside the enclosure.

23. Do you provide installation assistance?
  1. Yes, you may contact our support specialists for assistance and advice. We offer a self-contained plug and play camera system with easy-to-follow installation directions. The total setup time required is typically one hour.

24. Can the camera be relocated?
  1. Yes, Work Zone Cam cameras can be relocated to other projects by simply taking the systems down and relocating to new project sites. Since Work Zone Cam offers a GPS modem, all your location details are instantly updated.

25. What happens when my project is complete?
  1. With the Work Zone Cam service, access to all your jobsite images are available online through our web-based interface. You can also request a DVD that includes your images for a specific date range or for your entire project. When you relocate your camera on your next project, Work Zone Cam will provide a new interface link with your new project details.

26. How can I view time-lapses of my project?
  1. The Work Zone Cam service delivers up-to-date high quality streaming time-lapse movies that are available for viewing or download in real time by simply clicking a button on your interface. You can also create your own time-lapse movies and embed them on your website or YouTube channel. Additionally, you can order a 4K time-lapse movie at any time and Work Zone Cam can hand-edit will images into an entertaining movie with music.

27. Can I place the live images on my website?
  1. Yes, images are an excellent way to promote your company and projects, and we offer a choice of templates to do so. With the Work Zone Cam managed service, you can embed our web-based flash interface into your public or private web pages. Don't have a website? No problem, we will produce and host a web page for you - all for free!

28. Can I use the images for advertising and publicity?
  1. Yes, the HD images are ideal for print-quality ads and promotions. Our professional editors produce top-notch time-lapse movies for your website, boardroom presentations and television broadcasts.

29. Can Work Zone Cam promote my project?
  1. Yes, market your company and projects to the public by sharing images of your construction progress with us on Work Zone Cam's Facebook and Twitter pages.

    Share your Work Zone Cam success stories and showcase your project.

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30. Do you offer an A&E Spec I can include in a bid to contractors?
  1. Yes, it’s easy to specify the Work Zone Cam Pro for your next project. Download the A&E Bid specifications here.

31. How can I order?
  1. To order a Work Zone Cam, call 877-ZONE-101 or click on the Order Now button on our website. You can purchase directly from Work Zone Cam or through

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